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I had commissioned Adrianne to paint a very large painting for my husbands birthday 2 years ago. When it arrived at our house, I was stunned at just how beautiful it was. I was left in tears and my husband was over the moon with such a personalized birthday gift. The following year I asked Adrianne again to do a charcoal piece on paper from a photo on our Wedding day, the result was absolutely perfect. The emotion that Adrianne captured in the drawing was incredible. She is such a gifted artist.


Although I've known Adrianne for a long time as a friend, as an artist I was still unfamiliar until I attended her art show at ACAD and two downtown. After one of these downtown shows one piece struck me: a set of full lips in black and white. After a brief discussion I actually ended up commissioning two pieces! Although both pieces are in black and white, they are striking and they often get compliments(and comments), which is significant considering that our home has a variety of art pieces and sculptures. Her willingness to create and passion in her work is clear from the commission request to the delivered piece, and whenever I look at Adrianne's work I know it was created from a beautiful soul with a desire to impart her passion on the world.


The definition of inner and outer beauty was significantly brought out in my self portrait canvas painted picture created by Adrianne Williams. Adrianne is a true artist, not only her craft, but as a person. The intricate detail in the design that she painted amazes me, as I only sent her a photograph of myself for her to go off. She made me appreciate myself more than I did before. If you are looking for someone with LEGIT talent and a keen eye on any picture you want painted, then Adrianne is the girl you want no questions asked. When you receive your artwork from her, you will 100% hands down be satisfied, in love and  asking for her to make you more!


When planning for my new space and the vibe I wanted, I knew exactly whose hands to trust my vision with. Not only did Adrianne surpass my expectations she has left me speechless and my heart full. Adrianne has captured the essence of my entire belief system in one painting. She took care of every fragile detail from Prana written in Sanskrit to the beautifully handwritten verse of my favorite scripture from the Gita. Her talent is beyond words and the power of her art can be felt in every corner of my home. I promise you that she will bring any intention imagined to life.

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